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Fuel poverty could increase by Christmas

'Toxic cocktail' could 'increase fuel poverty'

300,000 more homes could enter fuel poverty by Christmas and millions more could follow in the New Year, unless radical action is taken.

Preparing for winter can be simple

Preparing your home for winter

A cosy night on the sofa is a perfect remedy for the bitter winter chills. But preparing properly and having the right tools in place can ensure you spend your night in worrying what film to watch next, as opposed to what’s happening to the heating bill.

Energy bills are increasing

Households 'still have time' to fix energy bills

Households still have time to cut their energy bills ahead of another price increase from E.ON, energy experts have said.

Temperatures could be set to plummet

Cold spell 'could add £7 a week to fuel bills'

The recent cold snap could be costing energy customers an extra £7 a week on energy bills with this amount potentially on the increase if snow falls over the weekend.

Weather damage has ruined homes

Brits suffer '£8 billion weather damage in two years'

Adverse weather has caused damage to over a third of properties in the last two years - amounting to £4 billion repair costs each year - according to figures released by Sainsbury's home insurance.

Heating bills cost £587 a year

Heating bills increase 63% in five years

British households have seen the cost of heating a home increase an average £45 a year for the last five years, according to figures from

Energy customers have been paying too much

Energy customers 'owed £650 million'

Energy providers have over-charged customers to the tune of £665 million, according to research released by

Co-operative Energy will reduce prices

Co-operative Energy price decrease is 'ethical'

The announcement from Co-operative Energy to reduce the cost of its energy prices by an average 2% 'puts ethics' back into the energy market, according to a consumer comparison website.

Energy efficiency needn't be costly

Carbon taxes could 'boost energy efficiency'

Investing carbon taxes into energy saving measures could boost the economy and reduce fuel debt, it has been claimed today.

Log fires could save money, say B&Q

Brits switch fuel to save cash

Brits are switching to log burners to save cash, according to research from B&Q.

Insulating your home could result in savings

Loft and cavity wall insulation

Insulating a home could potentially save you money, but how much does it cost and is it worth while?

EDF has announce the biggest price increase

EDF price rise adds to energy worries

An announcement from EDF to up its price by an average 10.8% will add to the winter woes felt by consumers.

Households could potentially save money

Households 'missing out on best energy deals'

Households are missing out on picking up the best energy deals by avoiding comparison websites, according to figures released today.

LED bulbs can cave you money

Energy efficient light bulbs - savings or not?

There are plenty of energy efficient measures on the market, with each promising savings in the home; so how can energy efficient light bulbs help you?

Energy customers can take control

Ofgem 'change the balance of power'

Ofgem has put consumers back in the driving seat where energy bills are concerned, according to comparison site uSwitch.

Energy price increases have been announced

Energy price increases mean 'Russian roulette'

Customers face playing 'Russian routlette with their health this winter, following announcements from a number of energy companies to increase prices.

Heating is going to get more expensive

Energy customers 'face expensive winter'

Energy customers face an expensive winter unless they shop around now for the best energy deals, according to a price comparison website.

Npower will increase energy prices

Npower increase energy prices

Npower has become the second energy provider today to announce it will be increasing the cost of its energy before the end of the year.

Prices will increase 6% from November 16

British Gas price increase 'a bitter blow' to customers

British Gas' announcement to up energy prices by 6% is a bitter blow for customers, according to comparison website uSwitch.

Energy customers have 'had enough'

Energy customers 'fighting back'

Energy customers that do not want to put up with price hikes are 'fighting back', according to research from MoneySupermarket.

Brits may 'switch off heating' over winter

Brits will 'switch off over winter'

Brits looking to make the most of the money this winter may switch off heating and go cold, a survey from suggests.

energy bills can fluctuate over time

Best priced energy deals

As the winter sets in you might find your energy deal is costing you too much and that now is the time for change, here's our round-up of the best energy deals currently on the market.

Energy debt can stifle family finances

Energy debt changes 'should stretch further'

Changes announced by Ofgem over the weekend should stretch further, according to a consumer website. Changes already announced that households on pre=payment meters and in debt can switch providers and debt.

Smart meters send readings direct to providers

Smart meters 'can save £14 billion'

British Gas research has suggested that smart meters could save the UK £14 billion over the next 18 years, amounting to a £65 saving on household energy bills.

Energy bills can be confusing

What's on an energy bill?

Energy bills are full of items that can be confusing, especially if you don't know all of the costs associated with the bill.

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Leeds unveils new cash ISA range

New cash ISAs can be opened with £1

Leeds Building Society has launched a new trio of easy access fixed rate cash ISAs. The one year fixed rate ISA offers a 2.5 per cent return, the two year version pays 2.75 per cent and the three year account pays three per cent.

Personal loan rates 'drop 2 per cent'

Personal loans can help with household costs

The average rate of a personal loan has dropped, according to comparison website Figures from the site suggest that rates are 2 per cent lower than they were in 2008.