Cash-strapped Brits advised to tackle pressures head on

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 10:55 AM

Stressed out Brits are being advised not to bury their heads in the sand over rising household bills.

A new survey by has uncovered what it has dubbed a new ‘bill phobia’ plaguing a quarter of cash-strapped UK households.

It claims some 13 million adults now get stressed before even opening their bills as continuous rises leave them unsure of what they might find.

A fifth even admitted to delaying the opening and paying of bills because they are too afraid to tackle them.

However, experts at the price comparison site are advising people to tackle the pressures head on.

Clare Francis, Personal Finance Expert at, said: “The worst thing people can do is bury their heads in the sand. There are very real practical steps that can be taken to lower the cost of bills, so the dreaded envelope that arrives each month doesn't have to be such a nightmare.”

Consumers are advised to shop around for the best products and tariffs to ensure they are getting the best deal for things like utilities and insurance. Switching to monthly direct debit can also help budget more effectively.

Savings are being raided to pay the bills

Savings accounts raided by cash-strapped Brits

Savings accounts are being raided to fund day to day living costs, new research claims. A survey found almost a quarter of Brits who have savings have been dipping into the cash to cover household bills and everyday spending.

Brits may 'switch off heating' over winter

Brits will 'switch off over winter'

Brits looking to make the most of the money this winter may switch off heating and go cold, a survey from suggests.

72% of Brits worried about finances

'Apathetic' Brits worry about savings and pensions

Worries about savings and pension planning are currently topping the list of financial concerns troubling Brits amid the high inflation, low interest rate climate. A poll by found 72 per cent are currently concerned about their personal finances.

Four in ten still concerned about money

Many Brits still concerned after Budget

Many Brits have been left concerned about their financial position as a result of this week's Budget announcement. New research by comparison and switching service,, claims four in ten Brits are now more worried about money.

Depth of debt problems revealed in new survey

Debt problems 'affecting 70% of Brits'

Seven in 10 adults across the UK have admitted to having debt problems, with almost a third of people not prepared to confront their debt issues, according to latest research by The Co-operative Bank.

Car buyers are becoming more cautious

Cash-strapped Brits put off buying a car

Fuel price rises and the end of the scrappage scheme have made Brits 9 per cent less likely to buy a car this year, according to the latest survey from the AA, which shows that those who are buying are more likely to use their savings.

Time was wasted claiming money back

'28 million overcharged on household bills'

28 million of us have been overcharged on household bills in the last year, according to figures from The comparison website found that despite around half of the UK running into problems, just one in 20 were automatically reimbursed.

Households could potentially save money

Households 'missing out on best energy deals'

Households are missing out on picking up the best energy deals by avoiding comparison websites, according to figures released today.

Leeds unveils new cash ISA range

New cash ISAs can be opened with £1

Leeds Building Society has launched a new trio of easy access fixed rate cash ISAs. The one year fixed rate ISA offers a 2.5 per cent return, the two year version pays 2.75 per cent and the three year account pays three per cent.

Personal loan rates 'drop 2 per cent'

Personal loans can help with household costs

The average rate of a personal loan has dropped, according to comparison website Figures from the site suggest that rates are 2 per cent lower than they were in 2008.