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Christmas entertaining can be cheap

Entertaining at Christmas, without overspending

Entertaining at Christmas can be great, particularly if you land a few bargains along the way.

Online bargains continue to tempt shoppers

Online bargains luring shoppers away from stores

Online bargains are tempting shoppers away from the high street even though the majority prefer the experience of spending their cash in stores, new research shows. The survey by Retail Eyes found while 76 per cent like hitting the shops, 75 per cent believe the internet is offering up the best deals.

Financial pessimism hits capital

Financial pessimism crosses North/South divide

Falling incomes and increased living costs are taking their toll on Londoners; bucking the usual trend of a North/South divide. The latest Spending Power Report from Lloyds TSB revealed 53 per cent of residents in the capital now feel pessimistic about their financial prospects.

Brits refuse to give up nights out

Budgeting Brits refuse to forego luxuries

Cash-strapped Brits are cutting back on basics such as food and clothes in order to keep spending on ‘lifestyle essentials’ such as holidays and nights out. Protection specialist LV= found the average household splashed out £5,850 on the top 10 luxury items in the last year.

Brits plan to spend average £560 on Christmas

Tough financial times 'will not dampen Christmas'

Resolute Brits are refusing to let difficult financial times spoil Christmas with almost half saying they will not be cutting back on gifts this year. Consumers are planning to spend an average £560 on the 2011 festive season according to HSBC’s Christmas Spending Survey.

Families are less pessimistic about finances

Financial optimism grows slightly, index claims

Families are slightly less downbeat about their future finances, according to Markit’s latest monthly household finance index. The September report found households grew more optimistic about the coming year with the Future HFI rising to its highest level for 17 months.

Site lets people rent items to others

Make extra money by renting out household items

A new website has been created which enables cash conscious Brits to rent items they rarely use to other people in the local area. RentMyItems.com gives people the chance to make some money from household equipment that is otherwise gathering dust in a corner.

Brits prefer to repair rather than replace

Cash conscious Brits 'less likely to splurge'

Brits are now more reluctant to splash out on big ticket items and would prefer to try and fix broken household goods, a new poll has revealed. According to Legal & General research an era of ‘making do’ means 66 per cent would repair an item rather than buy a new one.

Brits spent more on cards in second quarter

AXA urges caution against more borrowing

Brits took a more ‘cavalier’ attitude towards their finances in the second quarter of the year, according to AXA’s Big Money Index. The report claims a rise in consumer confidence has fuelled greater levels of borrowing at the same time as a reduction in savings and debt repayment.

Brits are even more giving

Generous Brits splash cash on wedding gifts

Generous wedding guests are spending more than double on gifts for the bride and groom than they did two years ago, new research reveals. Santander Credit Cards claims weddings are bucking the trend in a time of rising costs and tightening budgets.

Study reveals how mood affects shopping habit

'Happy shoppers make better decisions'

Shopping when in a good mood improves decision-making abilities about what to buy, new research claims. The study found customers who are happy make quicker and more consistent judgements than those who are unhappy.

People get nervous carrying more than £208

'Panic threshold' for carrying cash revealed

The maximum amount of cash people are prepared to carry around in their pockets before getting nervous is £208, according to the Payments Council. However, consumers feel comfortable transacting over twice as much as money online, the survey found.

Cost of cinema food annoys consumers

Poll reveals most hated 'rip off charges'

The top consumer bugbears have been revealed in a poll of the small everyday charges that make people angry. Being charged extra for not paying bills by direct debit was the most hated ‘little rip off’ in the MSN Money survey.

Fans can add up cost of football spending

Counting the cost of football support

Football fans can work out how much they are spending following their favourite team with a new MSN Money calculator. The online tool adds up everything from the cost of season tickets to pies and pints.

Older people cut back spending

Over 50s reduce spending amid inflation damage

The over 50s have reduced their spending as inflation continues to damage their living standards, according to a new Saga report. The insurer’s latest quarterly analysis revealed the older generations have experienced a decline in their quality of life as a result.

Brits to spend £267 celebrating Royal wedding

Patriotic Brits to spend £267 on wedding festivities

Households are set to spend an average £267 each on Royal Wedding festivities, new research reveals. The Co-operative Bank has found those who won’t be jetting off to sunnier climes for the four-day break will be celebrating the occasion with friends and family at home.

Research looks at spending psychology

'Material goods are not a quick fix for happiness', study claims

Consumers who believe material goods can provide a quick fix to improve life are more likely to sink into debt, new research claims. Conducted by a University of Missouri researcher, the study looks at some of the behavioural traits behind the purchases people make.

More people buy in bulk

Co-operative friends buy in bulk

More people are buying in bulk and sharing the goods with family, friends and neighbours in a bid to save money, new figures reveal. The research found a quarter of people take part in co-operative bulk buying, reinforcing the Government's plans to support collective purchasing.

Brits know how to bag a bargain

Savvy shoppers bag £12bn in bargains

Savvy Brits are saving £12bn a year by hunting out the best deals on things like shopping, eating out and holidays, according to a voucher code website. Research from CouponCoupon revealed a new generation of thrifty shoppers looking for bargains and discounts.

Consumers hold tight to purse strings

Consumer confidence reaches 'all time low'

Consumer confidence reached a record low last month, according to the latest Nationwide Building Society index.

Internet drives new Xmas shopping tradition

November is new December in Christmas shopping

Latest spending data shows November is the new December when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Over 55s forced to make cutbacks

Over 55s cut back on spending

Consumers over the age of 55 have had a tough 12 months, forcing them to cut back on all areas of spending and saving amid falling incomes and increasing mortgage debt.

Mother's Day is top eating out occasion

Inflated menu prices tough to swallow

Consumers dining out for special occasions are finding inflated menu prices and poor service hard to swallow, according to a new survey by lastminute.com.

Half of Brits plan to celebrate Valentine's

Amorous Brits splash the cash for Valentine's

Amorous Brits are planning to spend an average £55 each on their loved ones to mark Valentine's Day this year.

High earners set to save less and spend more

High earners set to save less in 2011

Britain's high earners are set to save ten per cent less in 2011, a survey by HSBC has found. Those on six-figure salaries will add £18,255 to their savings pots on average this year, compared with £20,314 last year.

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Leeds unveils new cash ISA range

New cash ISAs can be opened with £1

Leeds Building Society has launched a new trio of easy access fixed rate cash ISAs. The one year fixed rate ISA offers a 2.5 per cent return, the two year version pays 2.75 per cent and the three year account pays three per cent.

Personal loan rates 'drop 2 per cent'

Personal loans can help with household costs

The average rate of a personal loan has dropped, according to comparison website Moneysupermarket.com. Figures from the site suggest that rates are 2 per cent lower than they were in 2008.