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It pays to prepare for summer

Spring cleaning your budget for summer

With the summer fast approaching, many of us will be looking to make the most our budget. By spring cleaning finances you can ensure that summer spending is just how you want it to be.

Most Brits don't have travel insurance this Christmas

Two thirds of Brits don't have travel insurance

Two thirds of Brits traveling for Christmas have not taken out insurance, Direct Line reveals.

Rising food prices are busting family budgets

£24.6k just to feed, house and dress your family

The average British family now needs to earn £24,600 a year just to break even. A report by Skipton Financial Services totted up the everyday costs of mortgage or rent, utilities, insurance, food shopping and motoring, of a poll of 2,000 households.

Starting a family 'a financial priority'

Brits 'prioritise babies over property and marriage'

One in four British couples say they have to choose between buying a house OR starting a family, as economic uncertainty forces people to rethink their financial priorities. That’s according to a poll by Churchill Home Insurance.

Kids travelling further afield than before

Aviva research show travel has changed in just a generation

The traditional family has changed dramatically in just a generation according to new research from Aviva Travel Insurance, with children travelling further and to a wider range of destinations than ever before.

Dads 'worry about household finances'

Fathers find financial crisis hits family life

A new study by researchers at Cardiff University has highlighted the impact of the financial crisis on the daily lives and future plans of new dads in the UK. 'Changing Lives and Times' found that many men were particularly worried about money.

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Leeds unveils new cash ISA range

New cash ISAs can be opened with £1

Leeds Building Society has launched a new trio of easy access fixed rate cash ISAs. The one year fixed rate ISA offers a 2.5 per cent return, the two year version pays 2.75 per cent and the three year account pays three per cent.

Personal loan rates 'drop 2 per cent'

Personal loans can help with household costs

The average rate of a personal loan has dropped, according to comparison website Figures from the site suggest that rates are 2 per cent lower than they were in 2008.