Vouchers for the Easter break

Thursday, 29 March 2012 1:34 PM

A weekend away could be exactly what all of us need right now, an escape from the stories of the rising cost of living, a few days away from fighting with a struggling savings market and most importantly, some quality time with loved ones. Of course, the first two reasons behind looking for an escape might be the same reasons you decide against it. At which point, you can turn to vouchers for the Easter break.

Vouchers offer discounts, family entry, exclusive access and much more. All you need to do is search in the right place, for right attraction and you’ll be off on your travels with a hand full of tokens as opposed to £20 notes.

Finding the perfect voucher for the Easter break does not have to require immpeccable Easter egg hunting skills, although some voucher websites can come with a seemingly endless wall of adverts that need wading through before you get to the good stuff.

Once you’re in you need to be effective in your search terms, what is it you are looking for and what dates are you going? Try and be specific with the dates especially, as some websites will keep codes on there well after their expiry date.

Voucher sites are brilliant if you can find what you want, if you can’t however they can get very irritating, very quickly.

If you’ve been searching on a voucher website and feel like you’d have better chance getting into an attraction for nothing by banging your head against the wall until a hole appears, then you might want to turn your search to the local tourism board of your chosen destination to find Easter break vouchers.

For example, if you’re planning a trip to Blackpool, and want to visit the top of the tower then give the local council, or even the tower itself a call and find out if they are giving away any free tickets, if there’s any deals and where you can pick up vouchers from.

The chances are there is some sort of deal available and they will most likely tell you to head to their personal website and pick up a voucher there, come in bulk to receive a group discount or pick up a voucher booklet when you arrive in the town.

Voucher booklets in particular are very handy, especially if you plan on visiting a number of attractions in a short amount of time. In London, you can pick up a voucher booklet from any station that will give you two for one entry to a number of locations upon showing two London train tickets. What’s great about these is they can be used with travel cards, so you can buy a ticket that will get you around all weekend and continuously offer two for one entry to major attractions in the city.

Similar vouchers are available across the country and the local transport providers will be able to tell you more about what offers are specifically available to you.

Vouchers for national attractions have become fashionable since the financial crisis as many tourism hot spots are aware that the cash savvy are looking to see their money stretched further while on holiday.  You will also often find offers for restaurants and even supermarket vouchers if you want to stock up on food for your weekend away. These vouchers are readily available in newspapers, food packaging, receipts and on leaflets inside magazines.

As well as this, the constant development of technology has lead to the dawning of the app store and subsequently, apps for any purpose. Voucher codes are no exception to this and plenty of apps offer vouchers, which can be searched for by the place you’re in using GPS, the type of establishment you’re after and by brand. Most will have a code on them that you show upon entry, again saving you money.

So if you are planning a weekend away, see what vouchers you can pick up to help you out.

On your way to your destination you can pick up some booklets at the station, add them to the collection you’ve already printed off and head to your discounted hotel room, for which you got the code off the internet, to plan the next couple of days. After a couple of days of cheap entry, exclusive add-ons and memories built, you can head onto your phone for one final search to find a voucher to end your perfect Easter in a perfect restaurant.

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